March 15th, 2019 Hour 1

We aget a heavy dose of comedian Shane Mauss as he joins us to talk science, comedy, his documentary Psychonautics a Comic's Exploration of Psychedelics , his podcast Here We Are and upcoming show at Helium Comedy Club.

March 15th, 2019 Hour 2

Wendy Turner of Midwest Canna Expos, Coltyn’s Crüe, and Illegally Healed calls into the show, we have your Streaming Picks of the Week and Steve & Craig give us a hoosier sophisticate exclusive interview with their sons.

March 8th, 2019 Hour 1

Story time with Craig as things get weird at a rave, Steve gets FUC-KING rude in a message to Seth earlier in the day and we break down the conversation between Alex Jones and Joe Rogan on the topic of psychedelics and aliens.

March 1st, 2019 Hour 1

We start off the show with an existential question, “What are we? Mind? Or Body?” Followed by a trip down the Rabbit Hole: female orgasms, Jim Belushi says medical marijuana would have saved his brother’s life and DMT vape pens.

February 15th, Hour 2

We take a trip down the Rabbit Hole to discuss the future threat of Space Wars and if you got 5 grand burning a hole in your pocket you can afford to hunt Big Foot with former MLB superstar Jose Conseco. Plus, Cannabis News and Streaming Picks of the Week.